Connecting to a World of Solutions, One Problem at a Time

Most healthcare revenue cycle problems have happened before. And someone, somewhere has successfully solved that problem. And a new problem today will be solved by someone tomorrow. Our platform automatically turns this knowledge into a reusable resource

Once Solved, Forever Solved, for Everyone with Boolient

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Someone ​successfully solves ​a problem

Boolient learns from successful outcomes

Next time Platform automatically identifies problem root cause & solution

AI + your Staff’s Expertise = Automated Root Cause & Solution to Thousands of Problems

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Provided root cause and solution for 150K patient accounts

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For 20K different ​denials and ​underpayments ​across multiple ​payers

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50K hours of productivity saved

Our platform already incorporates root causes ​and solutions to thousands of revenue cycle ​problems from hundreds of thousands of patient ​accounts, and the platform is continuously ​learning from new problems being solved by ​staff today

Comprehensive analytics and reporting for​ Denials and Un​derpayments

Denials and ​Underpayments


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C -Pilot

Boolient Co-Pilot

Boolient's Co-Pilot instantly provides ​solutions to problem faced by your staff. ​This makes your 3-4x more productiv​e in resolving patient account​s​.

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Our platform brings collective expertise of your, our and other best minds ​to each account assigned to us. This enables our staff to collect more ​cash, faster and at lower fees for you.


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