Connecting to a World of Solutions, One Problem at a Time

Most healthcare revenue cycle problems have happened before. And someone, somewhere has successfully solved that problem. And a new problem today will be solved by someone tomorrow. Our platform automatically turns this knowledge into a reusable resource

Once Solved, Forever Solved, for Everyone with Boolient

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Staff successfully solves a


Boolient learns from successful outcomes

Next time Platform automatically identifies problem root cause & solution

Staff successfully solves a


Every day your team members are solving revenue cycle problems such as denials and underpayments. And every successful action leads to future payments

Boolient learns from successful outcomes

For every problem successfully solved, Boolient identifies the precise nature of the problem solved and the action that solved it

Platform automatically Identifies problem root cause and solution

Next time staff works an account, Boolient saves them time by automatically identifying the problem root cause and a proven solution

AI + your Staff’s Expertise = Automated Root Cause & Solution to Thousands of Problems

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Provided root cause and solution for 150K patient accounts

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For 20K different denials and underpayments accoss multiple payers

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50K hours of productivity saved

Our platform automatically captures knowledge without requiring any extra input from your staff and without disrupting their current workflow

It already incorporates root causes and solutions to thousands of revenue cycle problems from hundreds of thousands of patient accounts, and the platform is continuously learning from new problems being solved by staff today

Not just the payer provided reason but the actual denial or underpayment root cause. And a proven solution to overturn it.

Comprehensive reporting for True Denials and Underpayments - Denial rates, Overturn rates, Time to overturn and more… and all at actual $ reimbursable value (not at $ charges)

Denials and Underpayments


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C -Pilot

Boolient Co-Pilot

Boolient's Co-Pilot instantly provides root cause and solution for each denial or underpayment worked by your staff. This makes all your staff - regardless of experience or location - 3-4x more productive in resolving patient accounts.

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Your staff understands your A/R best. Our platform brings collective expertise of your, our and other best minds to each account assigned to us. With status, root cause and proven solution for each outsourced account already available to them, our staff can collect more cash, faster and at lower fees for you.

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