Harnessing Collective IQ

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What is my denial rate?

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How do I overturn it?

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What’s the real reason?

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Denials and Underpayments


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Insights you can Trust,

Solutions you can Act on

Unlike other platforms, our denials and underpayment ​analytics are not based solely on what payers tell us in ​their remits. We utilize a multi-dimensional Data Model ​that integrates multiple data sources (e.g. claims, ​remits, contracts, ATB, clinical and coding policies), and ​a Pre-Processing engine that eliminates noise and ​transmits relevant denial and underpayment signals to ​our Prediction Model.

Our AI-powered Prediction Model uses these signals ​and intelligence from thousands of problems solved ​before.

And because our data model has integrated data from ​various sources into a single flat file, you can now ​analyze denials or underpayments by variables spread ​across multiple data sources.

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Boolient C -Pilot

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Inquiry Meets Insights:

Your Questions, Our Answers

Boolient’s Co-pilot+ helps your staff immediately understand the problem and solution to the ​problem. And this information is displayed at the exact location where the problem lies, so it is ​intuitive and easy to understand.

And armed with this knowledge, all your staff become highly effective and productive at resolving ​patient accounts.

Insurance A/R Outsourcing

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Faster to solve Problems with Solutions in ​Hand

Comprehensive summary and detailed reporting of assigned inventory

Harnesses collective IQ of best minds to accurately solve problems

High impact action at 3-4x Productivity

Work All Accounts - small, aged, zero balance and others

All this means MORE CASH, FASTER and at LOWER fees for you.

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